About Us


We are the blues,
on the road to victory…


WJFC is committed to making junior football fun, healthy & enjoyable for players & families.

We believe football brings a unique opportunity to connect families and communities, as well as for individuals to develop as players and as people.

Since 1974, the Whitford Wildcats have been a vital part of the community. We continue  to thrive, thanks to the generous support of sponsors, and the hard work and dedication of a large number of volunteers and families.

While the Club exists for everyone to enjoy Aussie Rules football, over the years it has been a pathway for a number of players who have gone on to enjoy success in the AFL. With the addition of the AFLW we know there will be some female players to add to the list in the future. 

West Coast

Brett Heady
Andrew Donnelly
Mark LeCras
Josh Rotham
Oscar Allen

Port Adelaide

Michael Pettigrew


Nathan van Berlo


Steve Browne

North Melbourne

Josh Smith


 Committee & Constitution

PHIL O’DONNELL - President

DAVE HORNE - Vice President, Girls Football Coordinator

MEL SCAIFE - Secretary

CLAIRE O’DONNELL - Treasurer, Communications

MEGAN MILES - Registrar

TENEILLE GROVES - Auskick Registrar

BRETT VON BERGHEIM - Auskick Coordinator

RUSSELL GRANLAND - Junior Coaching Coordinator

JOHN BLACKBURN - Opens Coaching Coordinator

STEVE RUNDLE - Property Officer

BARRY LLOYD - Sponsorship Coordinator

WARREN WILKINSON - General Committee

KAREN CIRCOSTA - General Committee

DOUG CIRCOSTA - General Committee

BOYD MURRAY - General Committee

CHRIS NEWPORT - General Committee

STUART SADGROVE - General Committee

JIM SKENE - General Committee

ADRIAN GERARD - General Committee

ANDREW SMITH - General Committee

JON SUTTON - General Committee

DAVE STEVENS - General Committee


Life Members

David Snape (2017)

Trevor Andrews (2015)

Clive Walley (2014)

Steve Stanford (2012)

Steve Lynch (2013)

Diane & Doug Clarke (2010 / 2011)

Peter Elphick (2011)

Steve Collins (2003)

Mal & Robyn Adamson (2005 / 2008)

Ken & Kim Morgan (2000 / 2008)

Pieter & Robyn Haverhoek (2000 / 2009)

Milton Sanders (1997)

Darryl & Mary Sanders (1999 / 2003)

Roger Thompson (1995)

Gordon Lymn (1996)

Colin Bailey (1991)

Stan Semenow (1993)

Martin Warner (1988)

Brian & Pat Heady (1990 / 1994)

Doug Brice (1986)

Trudi & Jeff Lind (1987 / 1991)

Terry Cross (1981)

Lois Donnelly (1982)

Jim Turley (1978)

John English (1980)


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